Weaving a Lie


by Brian Koberlein | 13 May 2018 | History

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I found several years ago that the current state of lay science journalism was not only very limited and unsatisfying, but that their sole concern was to sell magazines rather than provide a high level of scientific veracity and rigor. I have since been working through the MIT online Physics and Math curricula. This anti-intellectual trend in pseudoscience and journalism is disturbing and Cal only hurt us in so many ways going forward.


I meant “can only hurt us” not “Cal” -autocorrect blunder and no aspersions to Cal Berkeley.


Does that mean I also can’t use the Bayeux Tapestry to demonstrate that everyone of that period had severe neck problems that were clearly cured by the time of the Renaissance? Next you’ll be saying that I can’t use all those NASA “artist renditions” to save money building telescopes. </sarcasm>

Keep flagging these issues, Brian… they do matter, and the meta journalism that you and others provide does help with the problem at least a bit.