The Return of G+


Welcome to the forum, plussers! What would you like to see here, and how can we make this a place for intelligent conversations about science?


Well, in light of the fact that we plussers used to interact on your posted articles, I propose something similar - each of your new articles (and perhaps some of your old, as well) could simply be linked in a new post, after which we could reply and interact the same as the old days!

I suppose a separate section for user-generated content might be a good idea, but you’d definitely want to limit that to users with enough of a track record, or something like that. Judging by the Discobot intro, it sounds like you might be able to use badges for stuff like that.

Anyhoo … big thumbs up for this. The challenge is going to be to get people to take excursions away from their Social Media (ie GPlus) for long enough to post here.


One of the things I want to set up is a posts section. Each post would have its own topic for comments specifically on that post (a la G+). That would be in addition to broader topics within the community.


Yeah, that sounds like we’re talking about roughly the same sort of thing. Is there an automated way to have it send something over to G+ (with comments disabled) when you make a new post? To me, that would be a slick way to get some sustained interaction over here.

The other thing I’m concerned about is the maintenance of this forum taking you away from the real meat-and-potatoes of what you do, leading to this thing just being too much PITA.


I might be able to do it through IFTTT. At the very least I can certainly share the post manually on G+. I’ll likely continue doing that anyway.


That sounds reasonable, as long as it doesn’t become a chore.


I’m a longtime reader of your G+ posts, haven’t replied before as always enjoy reading the content but somehow it’s never really occurred to me to get more engaged.

Anyway yours are one of the few things I still read on the platform so am keen show my support and follow your new direction.

Your posts about the solar system, space exploration and exoplanets are those I’m always most keen to read, but I’m also enjoying following your “big science” project.

Maybe you could post some more in depth articles about some of the people contributing to big science and their roles, or how readers may be able to get involved themselves?


I agree. A comments disabled post on G+ would be ideal for me. I’m horrible at checking blogs on a regular basis and I can’t stand getting tons of email. But I keep G+ open all day long.


Just want to say I’m a fan and am delighted you’re doing this. Thanks!


At the moment the updates to the Big Science project are being done through short videos. We’re actually filming a few more early next week. Now that I’m writing again, I’m sure you’ll hear more about the project.


I will also mainly be using G+ as the trigger to come discuss here.
However, if you find the posting to G+ overhead is too onerous I’ll be very willing to figure a way to participate directly here.


First, I’m liking this site on many fronts. Most of my time is now spent in software development, and I see many good decisions have been made.

Possible areas for this site to cover:

  • Brian’s usual content, covering recent progress in science (e.g. hep, astrophysics).
  • A go-to resource about ideas that hit the headlines (see other thread: “Alternative Science”/“Fringe Hypotheses”)
  • Science Communication: how scientists talk to the public, outreach, media.
  • How academia conducts itself: publishing, conferencing, research, collaboration, funding/business.