The Illusion of Truth


by Brian Koberlein | 5 July 2016 | post

Physical theories are often presented as a description of what’s really going on. Forces act on a baseball, causing it to fall. Atoms collide and fuse in the heart of a star, releasing heat and energy. Science is true, as is often said, and our scientific theories encapsulate this truth. But this isn’t entirely true.

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Great post. It is definitely true that science can only help us with models and predictions. All the other stuff is in my opinion truly metaphysical. Like a design by a much higher intellect than ourselves. The question of what is truth is best answered philosophically rather than scientifically.


Ever since I read TS Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” (assigned to me 48 yeas ago by my Social Work Professor) I couldn’t believe anything - what we believe now will eventually be overturned!

So I just try to live in the present.


Theories are not meant to describe reality, but to simplify reality, to identify the fewest number of variables that explain the greatest amount of variation in whatever it is that one wants to know.