Photons, Quasars and the Possibility of Free Will

by Brian Koberlein | 30 December 2018 | Physics

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So, free will and predestination are NOT mutually exclusive.
Here is my belief:

I’m a photographer, so my understanding comes from my view of reality. We proceed through our reality by moving along along a PREDESTINED filmstrip, one frame at a time. But their are stacks of film strips and even rows of stacks. Our FREE WILL is the choice we make to proceed along the strip we are on, or to jump to the strip above, below or the one next to the strip w are on. All strips theoretically exist; our journey through life results from the choices we make to stay on a strip or jump to another. When we think “I shoulda made a different decision” we are wishing we had jumped onto another strip. Knowing we aren’t trapped on a particular strip gives us the power to make choices. It also takes away the excuse that “I couldn’t help it”.

From randomness in quantum entanglement to free will is a huge leap. You’ve got to read all the way through, nearly to the bottom of this essay, to get to a line that acknowledges this. The first sentence in the last paragraph reads:

“Of course, randomness isn’t the only thing necessary for free will.”

Now. What chasm is being crossed here? There are probably a lot of ways to put it, but let’s try this. We are going from physical events to the realm of thought and ideas. To understand physical events, we have to have a system of thoughts and ideas to describe them. Usually it requires mathematics, which is itself a system, several systems, actually, of ideas. Here’s what is important. The ideas are not the events. At one level, they are only a means to understand them. Ideas can be much more, however.

Free will implies that someone or something(?!) can decide to influence physical events. If true, than the universe cannot be wholly deterministic. The whole idea of free will transcends the universe. That’s a lot to ponder.

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Robert Norton

Free will is merely the same exact stuff that is going on out there , except it is inside a container of flesh , blood , and nerves , with a beating heart that is actually a love factory . For men to envision an external story , and not think that they also are made of that , is easy , as for men , in our culture , sexuality is sort of an outer body experience. But for a female, such as myself, who has experienced being a russian doll, meaning those little wooden toys that are dolls inside of dolls in side of dolls, and then, saying hello to one of those dolls that came out of my body , and then, started talking to me – about stuff I had no idea of , for me, as a female, the concept of free will being debated is very abstract . The mystery that man loves to study , can so simply be solved by asking anywoman who has ever given birth , from her own body , to a person , who’s will is different from hers . Obviously , its free of all ties . — where to go with that is this , because I also study metaphysics , and have been fascinated by the term " agreement " - which is that only when there is agreement , even if the agreement is a measuring cup, and a bag of Heckers Flour , when there is that agreement , something HAPPENS . so , because of that factor , weather you are watching little particles fly through slots , or measuring your christmas cookies, inside of interface with agreement , an IDEA is formatted . We are so used to unconscious agreements , with everything all the time, that it is rare to experience a situation where there is ZERO agreement of will - and what the concequence of that experience is . Right now , science is staring at "wow , this is a created space " because we can measure it , but , the only way to prove that , is not by measuring the created space , but by observing stories where there is a empty space , which arrives because of LACK of FREE WILL. – try to follow me here : Kind of like the Sherlock Holmes story , Hound of the Baskervilles was solved , not by evidence , but a missing boot – sometimes , one has to look at what is NOT there , as opposed to what IS there . So , lets take , The recent trip to Vietnam that our POTUS took, to speak to Jong Ung , north K. He went , spoke , saw what was not there , and left . No agreement , a conflict of WILL . a conflict of FREE WILL. What am I saying ? Agreed upon actions are preceeded by the presence of free will, and the agreement at SOME level , of that will. Lets say , you want to go out to dinner with a friend, but cant agree on a place to eat . Without agreement , can your will be perceived at all ? Only if you decide to go where you want , alone . So , the state of being , much match the state of Will, and , as well, the free part of it , must be also working out , like, the place you want to eat , has a table available. So here you go, so many compromises , so many options, in our world , how can we actually start to EXPERIMENT with the world of will, when we are rarely in the state , to actually be embodying our free will , and experiencing it . No wonder everyone questions it . Enter stage left , the artist , actor , mime , the individualist – very well could be a scientist … they actually are , living inside of their own mind, with the fourth wall of theater , being their very skin , The Rock Star . Talk to them about this . watch them , see what they create , sometimes a politician has this effect , sometimes, it is a great actor , working with nothing but free will. I guess , my point is , as a scientist , myself, I have found that it is not necessary to go to computers or outer space , to observe metaphysical phenomenon , if you are studying the human experience , you can do it , by studying humans . The Lobotomy experiments , which actually reduced or removed free will from the people who were so like invaded and damaged , show that because there can be the absence of free will, there is actually free will. To be , or not to be , can be the question , but as my mother so wisely said once, to her teacher " Si , ma dove y como ? " which means " Yes , but where , and how ? " and those two questions , are what fascinate me .

  • Jennifer

I have recently come to the conclusion that Free Will is impossible.
Note that to me the definition of Free Will is that I have some agency in what I do.
I have this thought experiment.

  • Decide that you will pick a random number.
  • Say that somehow - like in a video game - all of reality was saved right now.
  • Choose a number.
  • Now revert to that saved state.
  • Choose a number.

It seems to me that either one of two things will happen:

  • You will choose the same number because the decision was based upon the state of the universe.
  • You choose a different number because some underlying aspect of the universe is random.

How can there be any agency?
Even without that experiment, how can you decide anything other than what your experiences set you up to decide at a given moment, unless it is random, so there is no way to have agency.

Am I confused?