Photons, Quasars and the Possibility of Free Will


I just finished reading your short article called _ Photons, Quasars and the Possibility of Free Will_ in Scientific American online. In it, you reach the conclusion that free will is possible because the researchers testing EPR used the random fluctuations of a quasar to determine how an EPR measurement should be made and the fluctuations were created billions of years before the experiment was conducted. This means that the setup of the experiment could not have influenced the fluctuations themselves. However, a crucial component of the experiment was available for influence – the assignment of meaning to those fluctuations. I would argue that the experiment really does not tell us anything about free will after all.


New research has suggested that quasar’s could start new universe’s,so what came first,Black holes,or galaxies,that shoot light in total vacuum that could bring life or a atom that collects light,that makes matter.
So what came first galaxies or Black holes?
I’m gonna say black holes as we discussed
Seven year’s ago when I came up with <[Space/Time/Vacuum/Continuum]>>>
The only difference was I added, when light from two quasar’s
Collide, they could start a atom where this atom attracts light to start nebulae that creates star’s to bring life and make galaxies,too galaxies Thus: Were formed through a giant black hole,
That’s a continuous act that goes on for eternity,in a triple alpha process helium and hydrogen ignite stars,for nuclear fussion.
This happens when temperature reaches 100,000 degrees fahrenheit, where the stellar interior get higher helium abundance that occurs, this is through the proton_proton chain and the carbon nitrogen, oxygen accumulated within the center of star’s something you are well aware of Professor,if this doesn’t happen
The helium will not produce thus the star will collapse.
This action is represented by
4He+4He<---->8Be+&gamma -91.78 MeV
The next energy release process is
7.275 MeV
So in short the big bang theory is from
One gigantic black hole combined with beryllium-8 to form carbon,and the existence of carbon depends on the energy level in the right place.
Here’s more proof,researchers have found a new mechanism that explains how plasma jets from (Gigantic Black Hole’s) in the middle of galaxies accelerated particle’s, extreme energies that are tangled magnetic fields around the atom that starts matter in a high energy Thus: more proof We came from a (Black Hole),the Galaxy Did Not Come First.
See arXiv:1810.051554v1 by (SLAC) Dec 13, 2018
New bright quasar (Z=6.82)discovered with VISTA:VHS J0411-0907[astro-Ph.GA]
In addition too about 6,14,and 5 quasars with 7<Z<7.5." At 10,000°2 of VHS about
6.5.<Z<7.0 at the J-Band limiting depth,respectively.
More evidence too extend Einsteins theory
And provides more proof to mine.
This theory Loop quantum gravity explains
Beyond physics that has cosmological,and astrophysics interested in the lest,and the Singularity no longer exist as a single entity,
But one that can be bent…via:
[quantum excitations]that take place at the center of black holes.
More evidence see:

Robert Norton


Fascinating, and timely…no pun intended. So was my reading of this article determined or free will? In a month and a half I hope to be presenting a paper in New Orleans on…determinism and free will, to the regional conference of the Evangelical Theological Society. Another ingredient for the stew…Thanks!

Although I am interested in what our scientific observations of the universe/multiverse/paniverse reveal about God, my strong suit is theology, not astrophysics, So I won’t bore you with my non-scientific comments.