Losing Air

by Brian Koberlein | 1 September 2013 | post

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I wonder if it’s possible for the chemistry of the atmosphere to change in such a manner as to make water easier to lose to space rather than being brought back to earth in the hydrologic cycle.

For example what if one answer to the Fermi paradox could be that civilizations go through an industrial phase in which they may inadvertently change the atmosphere much as we have already done here, but taken a step farther to say they not only heat the planet, they also lose water.

Given the nature of what had been explained here, if the planet starts losing water, the armosphere rapidly changes with it. If planets engage in a runaway evaporation the atmosphere will get heavier, accelerating the process and everything on the surface gets crushed a suffocated at the same time, possibly very quickly.

That sounds like a reasonable description of the Filter to me, if there is one…

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I was just about to think that magnetic field plays the role. So, by using all the potential ionizators as radio devices, Hi-Voltage conducts and in all sum any electronics we use, we actually helps the planet to keep elements and gasses easier bound to EM field. How fun.