Is there any way to increase the range of netgear router?

I just wanted to know the solution to increase the range of netgear router so that i can manually do the changes, netgear r6700 review selected the router for me.

The short answer is no, but the long answer is yes with help from additional devices. What effects most routers signal in a home are the ambient distortions and interference generated by the things we use to make life comfortable. Microwave. Dishwasher. Stove. Electric furnace or air handlers. Water heaters. Florescent lights. Washing machines. Pool pumps. Jacuzzi heater. All these things and more in a home emit radio frequencies that interfere with the radio signals emitted by the router, making it difficult for the device and router to have a conversation which causes microsecond delays between packet completions and accumulate to appear as a loss of speed.

For example if your router is on one side of a home, your office on the other, and your kitchen in the middle the problem is not the distance between them, the problem is when someone is making popcorn or doing dishes while you are trying to use the internet.

Most routers have a broadcast radius of 300 feet, 150 feet in every direction from the router. So distance is usually not what you need. What you need is a clean line of sight to the router through walls and all intervening materials.

This can be accomplished by an extender. This is a small device which can be married to the router and act as a second mini router. The trick however is proper placement. You don’t want to place the extender where the trouble is, want you need to do is figure out what’s causing the interference and place the extender in a way so that it has a clean line of sight to the router, and the area you are trying to cover.

Rather than make a 300 foot wide signal field bigger, you are trying to create a clean line of sight between the router, the extender, and the device in question. It’s a kind of bank shot around an impediment, placing the extender where the problem is amplifies both the signal and the noise, so you show full bars but no net increases in speed, you need a clean signal in order to improve performance.

To add to this, if you do end up getting an extender, make sure your wireless internet is password protected. The increased range means more people around you (houses, apartments etc.) will be able to detect your network and, if it’s not password protected, use it.

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