Finding Fossils on the Surface of Mars


by Brian Koberlein | 4 June 2018 | Science

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Spelling mistake: … We (k)now the surface of Mars is dry, cold …


Thanks, I’ve fixed it.


I visit the blog almost daily because there have been months where you post new items almost daily. I just now (June 25) saw three new entries from June 4, 5 and 7 that I don’t remember having seen before. Was the blog somehow stalled?

Apologies if there is another place I should have posted this, but I did not see a general Site Feedback topic.


In a way. The new posts are done on a static format, so when edits are done it runs and rebuilds. When I don’t make edits, then the posts that are scheduled don’t appear. This time I made some edits and three came up at once.


Thanks. Is there a place to go to see the blog posts as you post them?


There is a feed that shows them as soon as they go live: