Changes in the Wind


by Brian Koberlein | 26 February 2018 | post

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Hi Brian,

Looks nice. I would recommend adding sharing buttons to the articles.

Also, I was wondering if you were considering doing a tour of the Green Bank Observatory for the general public (for the curious, not scientists). It looks like a beautiful place and it would be very interesting to visit and hear about what you are doing first hand. It might be a good way to make some money for your project. I know this might sound funny but planned dates and organized bus trips for Seniors from Virginia and Maryland might be very successful. Three-fold fliers well distributed at senior centers, rest stops, and other points of interest could be very successful. If you include other information about their normal tour schedule then the fliers won’t get stale. You might also consider doing planned hiking tours for the Appalachian trail crowd. If Green Bank already does the fliers maybe they will consider adding you as a special speaker.

Wish you well with your project and your new blog!

All the best,



It’s an interesting idea. I’ll certainly be doing some videos at Green Bank through the Big Science project. Physically doing tours with folks isn’t something I had thought about, but it’s certainly possible.


Thanks Brian… Hope to visit more than have in the past. Look forward to it all. All looks good to me. I do hope you will share with g+ so we can use that as gateway…