A Tale of Two Computers

by Brian Koberlein | 28 April 2018 | Astronomy

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OK let’s try something, novelty vise, bit more of newer date. My idea is about how to figure out to find density of the bigger area. The idea is simple. Lets take into account fluid mechanics with how tone pitch down when we stir anything into solution. So, we can take machine learning and remember this pattern and then merge it with radio telescopes and that way we can determine which area of universe is denser than the others(or going to be denser). We usually have all sorts of ways for determinate objects density but during dark matter cons. and pros. we can easy take detour and avoid all the troubles about.
So. Machine learning could help us to find out which area in universe is denser is by trying to match the patterns in fluid mechanics (by specific frequency that different solutions gets over the time and the dependency of how much solvent is added in starting condition).

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So if we use Meta molecules as ‘telescopes’ templates, powered by ML, we could make cut-out for given regions. This is crazy.

P. S. Oh 12 months later could be for Nobel price. :grin: If article is not from the start that’s not my fault. Just use arrow keys.